Tips to start your wedding band business in Birmingham

wedding band birminghamIf you are an aspiring new band in the music industry you will definitely be familiar with the hard core competition around you. It is not easy for a band to survive in this industry. New bands have to work hard to get a chance to play at a local gig or cash their luck on the open mic nights at some restaurants but let’s face it, these do not make you money. Everyone knows that playing at weddings and other private parties are great for the bands both in terms of making good money and in terms of gaining recognition among people.

There are many pros of starting your very own wedding band in Birmingham business. It is the easiest way to make good money in the music industry. It is great for gaining recognition among people and building your audience. You also get to attend some great and magical weddings and of course, get free wedding cake. Now, isn’t that tempting?

Brides and grooms are looking for some great bands which can offer them unique and exceptional experience for their weddings. Here are a few tips which you need to know to start your very own wedding band business and get yourself hired ASAP.

Prepare a portfolio

In the wedding industry, people are more interested to hear you do covers of some popular songs instead of listening to your own work. To set up a wedding band business, you need to have a portfolio. Pen down a list of some of the most popular wedding songs and some songs that will get the people on the dance floor. Practice with your band members and see the ones that work for you. You can make videos of the songs you play and show them to your potential clients as a portfolio.

Market your services

No business is a success without marketing. You need to market your services to your target audience in order for your wedding band business to work. Get some professional business cards made which have your contact details on them. You can put up posters and flyers in your neighborhood with details of your services and your contact details.

Attend some local events and distribute your cards and posters among people. Carry some extra cards and posters when you go to play at a wedding or any other gig so when someone who likes your work and approaches you, you have something to give them.

Make Attractive social media and web profiles

Having attractive social media profiles is a must. Set up your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other popular social media. Provide your contact details, your service details, songs you can play and other such details on the social media so when people look you up online, they can easily find everything about you. You can also invest in getting a professional website made from where people can book you directly online or you can just create a WordPress blog where you post your details and share some video links of your performances.

These are some of the tips you can use to kick start your business and get wedding band hire instantly by visiting Apollo Live website. So, go ahead and start your incredible journey in the wedding industry and become the best wedding band hire Birmingham.

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